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You can create documentation about BAdIs at the following places:

Definition/Implementation Side Type of Documentation

Definition Side

  • Documentation of the relevant enhancement spot
  • Documentation of the BAdI itself:
    • Externally visible documentation - this documentation can be stored, for example, in the IMG. The documentation has to describe the role and purpose of the BAdI. The methods of the BAdI must not be described here, but in the BAdI interface instead.
    • Technical documentation - this documentation describes the BAdI from a technical point of view. It has to contain information that supports BAdI developers with any further developments or error handling.
  • Documentation of the BAdI interface and its components
  • Documentation of the default and example implementation classes

Implementation Side

  • Documentation of the enhancement implementation
  • Documentation of the BAdI implementation
  • Documentation of the BAdI implementation class

    As far as the content and structure of the documentation is concerned, you must adhere to the existing standards and guidelines.