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The buffer monitor allows you to look at the statistical data on the table buffer and on individual tables.


To start the buffer monitor, proceed as follows:

  1. In the SAP Menu, choose Administration → System Administration → Monitor → Performance → Setup/Buffers → Buffers.

    An overview of all the buffers and database calls appears.

The system gives you the following functionality to analyze your buffer:

Function Description


By choosing  with the quick info text History, you can look at the buffer utilization of your server during the last few days.

Current Parameters

On the new screen you can use the following functions:

  • Profile parameter
  •  Profile maintenance

A new screen is called, where you can see the current valid profile parameters for the buffer sizes.

  • With Profile parameter you can maintain profile parameters
  • With  Profile maintenance, you can edit your profiles.

Detail analysis menu

To see the detailed information of the appropriate buffer, in the Detail analysis menu choose:

  • Generic key
  • Single record

To call the table statistics, in the Detail analysis menu choose Call statistics. A new screen appears, where you can choose the criteria for the statistics that must be displayed. After you have defined the searched statistics, choose show statistics.

In the Detail analysis menu you can display detailed information about the generic/full table buffer or single-record table buffer.

  • By choosing Generic key you get detailed information about the generic/full table buffer.
  • By choosing Single record you get detailed information about the single-record table buffer.

You use the table statistics to analyze the effectiveness of an existing buffer. The values that are displayed help you optimize the buffer parameters in the system profile and search for unfavorably buffered tables.