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 Finding Terminated ConversionsLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. On the initial screen of the ABAP Dictionary, choose Utilities → Database Utility (transaction SE14).

    The initial screen of the database utility appears.

  2. Choose DB requests → Terminated.

    The terminated conversions in the system are listed. You can find the table name in the first column of the list.

  3. To go to the maintenance screen of the database utility for the particular table, double-click on the corresponding line of the list.

    You can analyze the reason for the termination there and continue the terminated conversion.

    For more information, see Continuing Terminated Conversions .


    If a table is locked due to a terminated conversion, this must be corrected. Otherwise, applications that access this table are not able to read any data. Applications accessing such tables do not work properly or fail to run.