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If a conversion terminates, the system retains the lock entry that is set at the beginning of the conversion process for the table. For more information, see Conversion Process . You cannot edit the table with the ABAP Dictionary maintenance tools (transaction SE11).

If a table conversion terminates, you must correct it. Otherwise, applications that access this table are not able to read any data correctly. These applications function improperly or fail to run.

  1. Open the Repository Browser and navigate to the required table.
  2. Double-click on the table.

    The maintenance screen for the table appears in display mode.

  3. Choose Utilities → Database Object → Database Utility.

    The screen for the database utility appears.

  4. Choose  Analyze adjustment.

    The next screen lists the conversion steps that were processed correctly. It also shows the status of the tables involved in the conversion (the table with the old structure, QCM table and the table with the new structure). It can also be used to display the existing system log entries or short dumps.

  5. Choose Object log.

    You can find out the exact cause of the termination from the object log. If the object log does not provide any information about the error, you have to analyze the system log or the short dumps.

  6. Correct the errors found in the object log or system log or in the short dumps (for more information, see Conversion Problems ).

    The conversion can be continued only if the error causing the termination has been corrected.

  7. Go back to the previous maintenance screen and continue the conversion there with Continue adjustment.

The system now tries to continue the conversion from the termination point.


Besides Continue adjustment, there is also the Unlock table option This option deletes only the lock entry that exists for the table. Do not choose Unlock table for a terminated conversion if the data exists only in the temporary table, that is, the conversion that was terminated after step 2 is completed and before step 4 is completed.