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 Displaying Temporary Tables without Restart LogsLocate this document in the navigation structure


To display the temporary tables in your system (QCM tables) for which no restart log exists, choose Extras → Invalid Temp. Table.


Tables for which there is a restart log because the conversion has terminated are not displayed here.

The system creates these temporary tables during the conversion (see Conversion Process ). In such a conversion, the data from the table is saved in a temporary table. After the table has been created in the database with its new structure, the data is reloaded to the original table. If the conversion runs without any errors, the temporary table is no longer required.


When deleting the temporary tables displayed, you must make sure that no terminated conversion was unlocked by mistake. In this case the existing restart log would be deleted. If the conversion terminated at a time when the data was present only in the temporary table, there is a danger of data loss.

If you are not sure whether this is the case, you must check whether the original table exists in the database and contains the expected volume of data before you delete the temporary table.