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Basic Functions

The database utility provides the functions Create database table and Delete database table for editing pooled and cluster tables . To execute such a function, choose a processing type and press the corresponding button.

  • Create database table:

    Creates the physical pool or cluster in the database.

  • Delete database table:

    Deletes the physical pool or cluster from the database.

Additional Functions

The database utility also offers a number of check functions for pooled and cluster tables:

  • Maintain storage parameters:

    To maintain storage parameters for pooled and cluster tables that affect the database settings of the table (such as extent sizes), chooseGoto → Storage parameters. For more information, see Storage Parameters .

  • Check consistency:

    To compare the definition of the pool or cluster in the database with the runtime object of the pool or cluster, choose Extras → Database object → Check.

    To compare the runtime object of the pool or cluster with the information entered on the ABAP Dictionary maintenance screen, choose Extras → Runtime object → Check. In both cases you can choose either a delta (only differences) or full (all information) display of the check results.

  • Display the runtime object and define it in the database:

    To list the structure of the pool or cluster in the database, choose Extras → Database object → Display.

    To list the information contained in the runtime object, choose Extras → Runtime object → Display. You can display more information about interpreting the displayed data by choosing .

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