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To change a pooled or cluster table, proceed as described for transparent tables. For more information, see Changing Tables .


However, there are certain differences between pooled/cluster tables and transparent tables with regard to the effect of such changes.

  • If you append new fields to a pooled or cluster table, it is not necessary to convert the table. Unlike for transparent tables, inserting new fields in a pooled or cluster table and making changes to the field sequence always causes the table to be converted .
  • If a pooled or cluster table is assigned to another physical table pool or table cluster, this leads to a table conversion.

    Pooled and cluster tables with more than 749 fields cannot be converted. You must not make changes to such tables that would make it necessary to convert the table (for example, inserting fields, changing the field sequence, deleting fields). New fields must be appended at the end of the table.