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When you delete a lock object, the function modules generated when you activated the lock object are automatically deleted as well. These generated function modules can still be used in programs or classes. Before deleting a lock object, you must find all programs or classes that contain these function modules and remove the calls to the function modules.

  1. Open the Repository Browser and navigate to the lock object that you want to delete.
  2. In the context menu of the lock object, choose the Where-Used List to find all the programs or classes that are still using the lock object.
  3. Remove the lock module calls in the objects you found.
  4. In the context menu of the lock object, choose Delete.

    A dialog box appears in which you must confirm the deletion request. If the function modules belonging to the lock object are still in use in programs or classes, a corresponding warning appears. In this case you must adjust the programs or classes affected before deleting the lock object.

  5. Confirm the deletion request.

The lock object is deleted together with the function modules generated from this lock object.