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You use projection views to hide fields of a table. This can minimize interfaces. For example, when you access the database, you read and write only the field contents actually needed.


A projection view contains exactly one table. You cannot define selection conditions for projection views.

There is no corresponding object in the database for a projection view. Access to a projection view is mapped by the SAP system onto the corresponding access to its base table. It is also possible to access pooled tables or cluster tables with a projection view.

The Maintenance Status of the view controls how the data of the table can be accessed with the projection view.


This example shows a projection view of a table that contains fields F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5. Fields F1,F2 and F5 are assigned to the projection view. In the figure below you can see the relations between the table definition in the ABAP Dictionary, the projection view of this table and the database.

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