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The maintenance status of a view controls whether data records can also be changed or inserted in the tables contained in the view.

The maintenance status can be defined as follows:

  • Read only:

    Data can only be read through the view.

  • Read, change, delete, insert:

    Data of the tables contained in the view can be changed, deleted, and inserted through the view.


    Only read access is allowed for database views that are defined through several tables. If a database view contains only one single table, data can be inserted in this table through the view (see Inserts Through Database Views ).

The following status definitions are also possible for maintenance views :

  • Read and change:

    Existing view entries can be changed. Records cannot be deleted or inserted.

  • Read and change (time-dependent views):

    Only entries whose non-time-dependent part of the key is the same as that of existing entries can be inserted.