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 Copying Fields from an Entity TypeLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. On the field maintenance screen of the table, choose Edit → Attribute from Entity Type.

    A dialog box appears.

  2. Enter the name of the entity type from which you want to copy attributes to the table. Choose  Selection.

    A dialog box appears listing all the attributes of the entity type.

  3. Select the attributes that you want to copy. Select the corresponding entry in the list and press Choose.

    The entry is highlighted.


    Only the explicit attributes of the entity type can be copied with this function. The system displays only these explicit attributes. Explicit attributes are the attributes that were not copied from the table assigned to the entity type. That is, only those attributes that were entered directly in the Data Modeler can be copied.

  4. Select all the fields you want and choose  Copy.

    The attributes are now copied to the clipboard.

  5. Position the cursor on the field in front of which you want to insert the fields and choose  with the quick info text Paste.

    The system inserts the selected fields in the table.

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