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Depending on the category of the change, note the following features:

  • Transparent to structure:

    The table is deleted from the database at activation. Existing data is lost. Any technical settings for the table are also lost.

  • Pooled/cluster to transparent:

    Since technical settings are meaningless for pooled and cluster tables, you must maintain them before activating the transparent table.

  • Transparent to pooled/cluster:

    You must define the assignment to the table pool or table cluster in which the table data must be stored.

  1. On the maintenance screen of the table, choose Extras → Change table category.

    A dialog box appears in which the current table category (transparent database table, structure, pooled table, cluster table) is selected.

  2. Select the new table category and choose  Copy.

    You return to the field maintenance screen for the table.

  3. Choose  with the quick info text Activate.

    In addition to the above procedure, you can also change the table category for pooled tables with the transparent indicator. For more information, see Converting Pooled Tables into Transparent Tables .


    Changing a pooled/cluster table to a transparent table and conversely always results in a table conversion. For more information, see Adjusting Database Structures .

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