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Designing, Storing and Assigning an Offline Form to a TaskLocate this document in the navigation structure

This wizard helps you to provide details of offline form template file and XML schema file.


In a process, the human activity illustrates an activity that triggers a task. This task is executed by a human. One of the options for enabling the interaction between a human and the process is to assign an offline form to the task. When the task is triggered, the offline form is sent by e-mail to all potential owners of the task. The form can be submitted back to the process only once, by only one of the potential owners.


1. Design and Store the Form

You create a dedicated development component (DC) to store there the form XML schema and the form template that is based on the XML schema. When you have designed the form, you need to deploy the DC to be able to browse its content and use the form in your process.

For more information, see Designing and Storing an Offline Form .

2. Assign the Form to a Task

You assign the form to a task and then assign the task to a human activity in the process.

For more information, see Assigning an Offline Form to a Task .