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Before you post the data from the PSA or ALE inbound processing into the InfoProvider, or if the update into the InfoProvider failed during the loading process, you can simulate the posting. The debug option for the transfer rules and update rules supports you when searching for errors in case the update into the InfoProvider is terminated in the transfer or update rules.

If you have switched on the error handling using the scheduler (Update Parameter tab page), an error is logged in the monitor if the field content in a data record cannot be transferred from the transfer structure format to the communication structure format. The error message provides detailed information about which field value in the data record cannot be converted. We recommend that you switch on the consistency check for characteristic values in the scheduler (Processing tab page) in addition to error handling

If the data record correctly exists both in both the source system and the PSA, you can execute the error analysis for the transfer rules by simulating an update for a data package in the monitor. In the breakpoint that was set as the standard setting, you find additional information that supports you when searching for errors with the debug function for the transfer rules.

If the error appears first in the update rules, the system likewise logs an error message. You then have the option of debugging the update rules for the error analysis.


The data was successfully received in BW.


You can simulate the update on a data package level. In doing so, you can define for which data target the simulation needs to be executed and which records need to be used for the simulation.

  1. Select the data request that you want to examine in the monitor.
  2. Select Simulate Update on the Detail tab page for a data package by using the context menu (right click).

    The Simulation Selectionsdialog box appears.

  3. Select the data target for which the simulation needs to be executed.
  4. If you want to switch the debugging on in the transfer or update rules, select the appropriate field.
  5. Specify whether you want to use all the data package records for the simulation or if you only want to select specific records.
  6. Choose Execute Simulation.
  7. Select the records to be examined from the following dialog box where necessary and confirm your entries.

    You see the data in the communication structure format. In the case of data with flexible updating, you can change to the view for data target data records. In the data target screen you can display the records belonging to the communication structure for selected records in a second window.

    If you have activated debugging, the ABAP Debugger appears and you can execute the error analysis there.