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List of Customizing Switches for Generated PasswordsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You specify the minimum requirements for generated passwords that are generated in User Maintenance (transactions SU01 and SU10) in profile parameters. Use customizing switches to define upper limits for some values. These switches correspond to the relevant profile parameters for passwords.

Table 1: Customizing Switches and Corresponding Profile Parameters
Customizing Switch System Profile Parameter Notes



Maximum number of digits in the generated password



Maximum number of letters in the generated password



Maximum number of special characters in the generated password



Maximum length of the generated password

If you do not maintain these parameters, the respective default value is used.

The values of the system profile parameters have precedence over the customizing switch values. If the entries are contradictory, the values of the customizing switches (GEN_PSW_MAX_*) are ignored and the default values are used.


Even if you set the profile parameter login/min_password_specials = 2 and the customizing switch GEN_PSW_MAX_SPECIALS = 0, the system detects the contradictory settings. The system then ignores the customizing switch GEN_PSW_MAX_SPECIALS and uses only the profile parameter value.