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Setting Up Trust Using the FPN Trust EditorLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • You are authorized to access the portal role containing the Federated Portal workset.

  • You have created an FPN connection that pairs your system with a remote system.

  • You have the logon credentials (user ID and password) of a user on the remote system that is assigned to either the standard Administrator role or to a role that has includes the $SAP_J2EE_Engine_default_put_role action.

    For more information, see Assigning Principals to Roles or Groups .

  • You have at least administrator read permission for the FPN connection. For more information, see Assigning Administrator Permissions to FPN Connections .


Content usage mode: remote role assignment, remote delta link

Applies to: producers, consumers


The functionality described in this topic does not apply to an SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment system without usage type EP Core - Application Portal (EPC).

You must establish trust between portals in a federated portal network to facilitate the flow of data and authentication requests between portal systems and clients. Logon tickets are used to establish trust between producer and consumer portals. Logon tickets are digitally signed by the issuing server, and the accepting systems need a public key of the issuing server to verify this digital signature. For detailed information about the use of logon tickets for Single Sign-On in an SAP system environment, refer to Using Logon Tickets with AS Java .

If you have not yet set up trust between your system and a remote system either before creating the FPN connection (using the SSO wizard in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator tool) or while creating the FPN connection (using the FPN Connection wizard), then you must do so before you can share content. To do so, you can use the SSO wizard or the FPN Trust editor in the portal.

This topic describes how to use the FPN Trust editor in the portal to configure trust (exchanging a server certificate file) between your system and remote system after an FPN connection has been created.


  1. In the portal, navigate to Start of the navigation path System Administration Next navigation step Federated Portal Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver - FPN Connections Next navigation step Manage My FPN Connections End of the navigation path.

    The My FPN Connections tab appears.

  2. In the My FPN Connections table, select an FPN connection.
  3. Choose Open .
  4. In the open editor of the FPN connection, choose Trust .

    The FPN Trust editor appears.

  5. From the Trust Configuration dropdown list, select the relevant trust direction you want to have established.

    If you are not sure in which direction to establish trust between the systems, see Setting Up Trust Using the SSO Wizard .

  6. Enter the logon credentials of a user on the remote system that is assigned to the Administrator role.
  7. Choose Create Trust .
    • If the FPN Trust editor determines that trust already exists between the systems, then it will abort the process.

    • If for any reason, the FPN Trust editor is not able to establish trust, you should use the SSO wizard in SAP NetWeaver Administrator instead.