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You can define another log file for SAP NetWeaver management agents that logs all alerts that the agent reports. This is especially useful if you do not use the CCMS Monitoring Architecture to display alerts (the CCMS Monitoring Architecture has its own logging), but want to use other system management tools that are to be based on the data from the CCMS agents.


You can activate alert logging in the configuration file SAPCCMSR.INI . Use the parameters AlertLog and AlertLogLevel to do this:

Parameter Meaning

AlertLog <filename>

Full path of the log file (specify the filename without suffix, the suffix .log is automatically set)


Every day, the log file for the previous day is saved under the following name:

<file name>_<date in the format YYYYMMDD>.log

AlertLogLevel <level>

Scope of the logging:

level=0: No logging (default, if AlertLog is not set)

level=1: New and completed alerts (default, if AlertLog is set)

level=2: Also suppressed alerts, new values for MTEs, reset, deleted, or newly created MTEs

Structure of the Alert Log File

Every line of the resulting log file for alert monitoring has the following structure:

<alert type> <time stamp> <alert ID> <alert short text> <MTE>

These elements have the following meaning:

Element Meaning

Alert Type

Type of alert; the following values are possible:

  • ALERT YELLOW, ALERT RED (warning or problem)
  • ALERT vanished (condition for the alert no longer exists)

Time stamp

Time of the alert (not for alert type = ALERT VANISHED )

Alert ID


Short text of the alert

Short text of the message assigned to the alert


Specifies where the alert occurred:

<System>\<Context>\…\<Monitoring object>\<Monitoring attribute>


Example Alert Log File

# AlertLog file started at 20010520# Please, do not edit manually.

ALERT RED      Sun May 20 00:00:58 2001 [  19|20215]"NiConnect failed, rc: -0010" for MTE BCE\PWDF0487_BCE_26\...\R3Syslog\Communication

ALERT vanished [  29|20194] for BCE\PWDF0487_BCE_26\...\R3Syslog\Communication

ALERT YELLOW   Sun May 20 00:01:58 2001 [  29|20216] "88 < 100 Current value below threshold value" for MTE BCE\PWDF0487_BCE_26\...\Dialog\LogonLoadQuality

ALERT vanished [  38|20196] for MTE BCE\PWDF0487_BCE_26\...\Dialog\LogonLoadQuality

ALERT YELLOW   Sun May 20 00:02:58 2001 [  38|20217] "71% 80% (15 Min.) SAP buffer hit rate below threshold value" for MTE BCE\PWDF0487_BCE_26\...\Program\HitRatio

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