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In transaction SFW2 you can:

  • Create business functions and assign switches to them
  • Specify business functions that cannot be used together in a business function set
  • Look up the business functions sets where business functions are used.
  1. Start transaction SFW2.

    You can also use the Object Navigator (transaction SE80) to create business functions. To do so, in the context menu of a package, choose Create → Other (2) → Business Function.

  2. Specify the name of your new business function and fill in the other required fields (Short Text and Type).
  3. In the main toolbar, choose Check.

    The system checks whether you have specified all the parameters correctly.

  4. Choose the Switchtab:
    1. In the Switch column, specify the switch to which you want to assign your business function.
    2. In the Type column, set the type to Activation.
    3. Choose Check Entries from the Switches tab toolbar.
  5. Select the new business functions and choose Activate.

    After all prerequisites are met, the system sets an Active status to your business function. Refresh the transaction to see the updated status.

Maintaining Attributes of Business Functions

  • You can make business functions reversible by setting the Reversible flag. Only reversible business functions can be switched off.
  • You can set a link to a test catalogue to specify which transactions are really affected after switching on this business function.
  • On the Dependencies tab page, you can specify if there are any conflicts with other business functions or business functions which are required for the functioning of the business function you need.
    • Conflict relationship means that out of two conflicting business functions, only one business function can be activated.
    • A prerequisite means that you first have to activate this business function before you can activate the selected one in upper screen. It is also possible to switch them on simultaneously.
  • On the Information tab page, you can add a link to Knowledge Warehouse documentation for the selected business function. Only information developers are supposed to change that.
  • On the Switch tab page, you can assign the current business function to an existing switch, or assign a switch to the business function.
  • On the Business Function Sets tab page, you can assign the current business function to an existing business function set.

Using this procedure you have created a new business function, assigned a switch to it, and activated the function for further usage.

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