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Displaying a Customized Error MessageLocate this document in the navigation structure


In a portal application, you can create an error component with a customized message that is displayed instead of the standard portal runtime error message.


  1. Start SAP NetWeaver Administrator at http://<server>:<port>/irj/nwa.
  2. Navigate to Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Infrastructure Next navigation step Java System Properties Next navigation step Services End of the navigation path.
  3. Choose Portal Runtime Container Extension (service component name tc~epbc~prtc~core).
  4. In the Properties table, configure the portal.runtime.exception.errorcomponent parameter to <portal application name>.<application component name>.


The customized error message appears when a runtime error occurs in the portal.


You can check that the customized message is displayed instead of the standard runtime error page, by creating an abstract portal component that throws a runtime exception.