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The Alert Monitor provides two system views:

  • ·        The Current Status view displays the current data reported for every monitoring tree element (MTE). The color indicators of the alerts and the text of the alert message reflect this data. They display the most severe current problem.
  • ·        The Open Alerts view shows where alerts exist that have not yet been analyzed and set to completed. The color indicator of a monitoring attribute corresponds to the most sever alert for this attribute that you have not yet processed. This view does not necessarily reflect the current status of the system.

You can use both of these views to obtain a complete overview of the system status: When you check the system, start with the Current Status view sot hat you see the current status of the system; then change to the Open Alerts view to see whether problems have occurred since you last used the Alert Monitor.

  1. 1.      Choose CCMS → Control/Monitoring → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ20.
  2. 2.      Expand the monitor set that contains the monitor that you require, and choose Load Monitor.
  3. 3.      The system displays the monitor in the Current Status view. To change the view, choose Open Alerts. You can see which view is currently active in the title of the alert monitoring tree.

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