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You can use mass maintenance of analysis authorizations to make changes to multiple authorizations at the same time. Before editing the authorizations, you run a search for all authorzations that need to be changed. You can run the search either by authorizations or by users.


  1. On the SAP Easy Access screen for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, choose Start of the navigation path Business Explorer Next navigation step Manage Analysis Authorizations End of the navigation path.
  2. Choose Mass Maintenance. The Mass Search screen appears.
  3. Choose Complex Search. You can now run searches with various criteria for authorizations and users
  4. Once you have found the authorzations/users that need to be changed, select them in the list and choose Mass Maintenance. The Mass Maintenance screen has two parts: On the left, there is a worklist containing the authorizations/users that you have selected. You can transport, activate and delete these. You can also change the descriptions of the authorizations.

    On the right, you can edit the authorizations/users. This part of the screen displays the contents of the value and hierarchy authorizations in compressed form, together with the users that the authorizations are assigned to.

    The Cardinality column indicates whether the authorization is set for all objects in the worklist or just in some:

    The authorization is assigned to all users/authorizations in the worklist.

    The authorization is only assigned to a certain user or users in the worklist.

    The authorization/user assignment is assigned to all users in the worklist after saving.

    To find out more about the various change options, see: Change Options

  5. Activate the changed authorizations/users. The changes only take effect once they have been activated.


More information: Examples of How to Use the Mass Search