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The Computing Center Management System (CCMS) has an alert monitor to help you monitor and operate your SAP systems. Together with the BW monitor, the CCMS monitor sets in the alert monitor contain a selection of BW-relevant standard SAP monitoring trees and monitoring trees for process chains and consistency checks in the analysis and repair environment.


To call the alert monitor, choose Tools → CCMS → Control Data/Monitoring → CCMS Monitor Sets or run transaction RZ20.

In the overview tree of the CCMS monitor sets under the SAP NetWeaver BW Monitor node, you find the BW Monitor.

Select the BW Monitor and choose Monitor → Start Monitor.

The monitoring trees that the monitor objects are displayed for are located under the node for your BW system. A monitoring tree therefore combines a group of logically related monitor objects.

Monitor objects are specific components from your SAP system or its environment that you need to monitor.

The monitor attributes are displayed for a monitor object. These describe data types that can be reported for a specific monitor object. Alerts can be deleted based on values that are reported for an attribute.

For more information about using the Alert Monitor for CCMS, seeAlert Monitor.

Monitoring Process Chains in CCMS

Monitoring Tree

The Process Chains monitoring tree contains all process chains that have run since the system was last started.

By setting the transfer parameter for method execution DAYS_TO_KEEP_LOGS in method definition RSPC_CCMS_STARTUP, you can specify the process chain runs that you want to display from those that ended before the BI system was last started. In the default setting, this parameter is set at seven days. This means that the process chain runs from the last seven days are displayed. To call the method definition run transaction RZ21 and enter Methods -> Definitions.

By double-clicking on the Process Chains monitoring tree, you can call process chain maintenance.

Monitor Objects

In the Process Chains monitoring tree, process chains that have run since last time the system was started are displayed as monitor objects, as well as ones defined in transaction RZ21.

The nodes show the technical name of the process chain.

By double-clicking on a process chain, you can call the maintenance screen for the chain.

Attributes are displayed for each process chain. These are:

  • Text attribute

    The text attribute specifies the description of the process chain.

  • Monitor attribute

    All runs in the chain (represented by the log ID together with month, day, and time) for the last n days are displayed as monitor objects.

    You can define the parameter n as the transfer parameter for method execution DAYS_TO_KEEP_LOGS in method definition RSPC_CCMS_AGENT. If no changes have been made to the run for n days, it is removed from the display. You can still access the log directly from the process chain maintenance screen though. By setting the parameter to OFF, you can generally exclude the process chains from being monitored by the CCMS.

    This agent runs a maximum of every ten minutes and monitors all of the runs displayed. The batch job for this is SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP. In the default setting, it is scheduled to run once an hour you save the method. You can change the scheduling in transaction SM37.

    When you select a run and choose Display Details, all messages for this run are displayed, as well as a message for every process that has finished. The default setting is to display the messages from the last 30 minutes. You can change this setting.

By double-clicking on a process chain run, you can call the log view of the process chain maintenance for this run.

Consistency Check Messages in the Analysis and Repair Environment (RSRV)

In the RSRV Checks monitoring tree, you can display the messages for the consistency checks that you have executed in the analysis and repair environment (transaction RSRV).