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 Working with EnhancementsLocate this document in the navigation structure

This section describes how to work with enhancements.

  • Creating and Editing Enhancements

    The tool for creating and editing enhancement spots and enhancement implementations is called Enhancement Builder and is fully integrated into the ABAP Workbench, you cannot use a transaction code to call it directly.

  • Looking Up Enhancements

    The Enhancement Information System (also known as Enhancement Browser) helps you to obtain a list of all enhancements available in your ABAP-based SAP system. You can search for enhancements, enhancement upgrades, (composite) enhancement implementations, and (composite) enhancement spots.

  • Adjusting Enhanced Objects

    Whenever an enhanced repository object has been changed in a previous system and its enhancement implementation has been affected or may be affected by a semantic change, use one of the available tools to adjust your enhancements.