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Including Operating System Commands as Processes in Process ChainsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You are in the plan view of the process chain, in which you want to include an operating system command as a process.

The operating system command process type is available in the General Services process category.

  1. Insert the operating system command process type into the process chain using Drag&Drop.
  2. In the next dialog box, select a process variant and confirm your entry.

    To create a new process variant, choose Create.

    In the resulting dialog box, enter the description of the process variant and choose Next.

The maintenance screen of process variants for an operating system command appears.

Here, under Execution, define:

The command name

The command is defined using CCMS → Configuration → External Commands.   You can also create and change a command using the Changefunction.

For more information, seeDefining External Commands.

The operating system of the application server, on which you want to execute the command.

Additional parameters, providing these are allowed by the defined command.

If a user is allowed to specify additional arguments when scheduling the external command in a background job, you can specify these arguments here. The additional parameters are added to the parameter strings specified in the command definition, under Parameters for the Operating System Command.

The application server on which the command is to be executed.

If you always want to use the current host, set the corresponding indicator. If you enter a different host to the current one in the Target Machine (Host) field, the system automatically deselects the Current Host indicator.

Under Evaluation, set whether you want to evaluate the output of the command.

You can evaluate the process as either successful or having errors if the output of the command contains a character string that you specified. If the system cannot find the character string, the process is either ended by the counter status, or repeated. When you have determined that the process is to be repeated, you can specify after how many seconds and how often it is to be repeated.

This allows you to check, for example, whether a particular file exists in a directory before you load data to it. If the file is not available in the directory, the check is repeated according to the previously specified intervals before the process is ended and loading starts.

Save your entries and go back.

In the following dialog box, confirm the insertion of the process variants into the process chain.


You have included an operating system command as a process in a process chain. After including any additional process variants in your chain, check the chain and then activate it.