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The procedures for initial configuration are organized as follows:

  • Single Host System

    The initial configuration of the single-host system comprises procedures that allow you to check problems that occur and solve them, if necessary. You can also improve TREX performance. In contrast to the configuration steps following installation, these configuration steps are not necessary in order for TREX to work correctly in the default configuration as a single-host system and allow use by an application.

  • Distributed System

    TREX consists of a client component and a server component. The server component is based on a flexible architecture that allows distributed installation and thus modification to suit various different requirements. A minimal system consists of a single host that provides all TREX functions. You then have numerous options for scaling TREX. You can distribute TREX components among several hosts and install individual components more than once. You can use a scaled scenario to distribute the search and indexing load among several hosts and to ensure the availability of TREX.