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You can use this monitor to monitor the response times for individual transaction or clients. This monitor is therefore especially well-suited for Service Level Agreements, with which service providers commit themselves to providing SAP services to their customers within a defined response time (see also Monitoring Response Times of Transactions or Clients).


You must first define which client and which transaction is to be monitored. This is done through entries in the ALTRAMONI table (see Monitoring Response Times of Transactions or Clients and SAP Note 308048).


The monitor contains the following performance attributes:

MTE Name (MTE Class) Meaning

ResponseTime (R3FocusDialogResponseTime)

Average response time of the dialog service including the database processing time, but not including the time for network transfer or the front end processing time

QueueTime (R3FocusDialogQueueTime)

Average wait time in the dispatcher wait queue (with a normal workload, there are always free dialog work processes available; the wait time is then only a few milliseconds)

Load+GenTime (R3FocusDialogLoad+GenTime)

Average load and generation time for source code, graphical user interfaces, and screen information from the database

DBRequestTime (R3FocusDialogDbRequestTime)

Average time for processing logical database requests (calls to the SAP database interface)

FrontendResponseTime (R3FocusDialogFrontendResponseTime)

Average time that the user waits at the front end for his or her request to be processed (that is, the ResponseTime with the network transfer time and the front end processing time)

For more information about the attributes of the dialog system with recommendations about what action you should take if performance needs to be improved, see Dialog Overview Monitor and Entire System Monitor.


To start the monitor, follow the procedure below:

  1. Start the Alert Monitor using transaction RZ20 or choose CCMS →Control/Monitoring →Alert Monitor.
  2. On the CCMS Monitor Sets screen, expand the SAP CCMS Monitors for Optional Components set.
  3. Start the Transaction-Specific Dialog Monitor from the list by double clicking it.