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Executing a Process Chain Within a WorkflowLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you want to execute a process chain in a remote system, you must connect the starting system in which the workflow is executed to the BW system as a source system in which the process chain is executed. This is because the callback destination is returned to the workflow system using the relationship to the source system.

Requests Sent to the Process Chain

  • You have activated the process chain and it is scheduled in the background.
  • In the start process of the process chain to be executed, Start with Metachain or API is set.

Requests Sent to the Workflow

A model workflow has been delivered to display requests sent to the workflow. The workflow model is: WS43200001 (ropc_verify1).

The workflow must contain two activities:

  1. Starting the process chain

    This task was also delivered as standard task TS43200001. This task is a "creation activity". The process chain to be started as well as the destination on which the process chain can be found is supplied with the ROPC process chain object to be created. The task receives the process chain instance as a return.


Note the binding of "&CHAIN&" and "&DESTINATION&" to the export parameters "Chain" and "Destination" and the return "&PROCESSCHAINSAPI&".

  1. Wait until the process chain has finished.

    This is a wait step that ends when the process chain triggers the event.


Ensure that business object ROPC is the container element.

In the delivered example, an additional task, "displaying the process chain" is supplied. This shows you how to access the process chain log from the workflow.


See documentation related to theWorkflow Builder in the documentation of the SAP Web Application Server, under Business Management → WebFlow Engine → Reference Documentation → SAP Business Workflow - Navigation.