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In general, users are automatically logged on to the database when you open Database Studio. You only need to carry out the following procedure when first logging on to a database or after you have explicitly logged off users from the database.

Adding Users and Logging On

  1. In the explorer tree, go to the Servers section.

  2. In the context menu of the database, choose Login.

  3. Enter the user name and the password of the user with which you want to log on.



    User Name

    Users fall into two groups:

    • DBM operators: These users can perform administrative tasks.

    • Database users: Database users can change data in the database.

    The database system administrator (default name DBADMIN) belongs to both groups and has the most extensive authorizations.

    More information: Database Administration, Managing Users


    The database system converts all letters to uppercase.

    To use upper and lower case letters and/or special characters for a user name or a password, select the Case Sensitive checkbox.

    More information: Database Administration, Conventions for User Names and Passwords

    Authentication by OS user

    External authentication is currently only available for SAP-internal systems.

    If external authentication has been set up, select this option to log on to the database using your operating system user.

    Case Sensitive




    You can save your logon data as a template for use with other databases. See below.


    In SAP systems, you can enable SSL encryption (if configured during installation)

    More information: Encryption


    To use ORACLE SQL mode instead of the SAP MaxDB internal SQL mode, select SQL Mode Oracle.

    More information: SQL Mode

    To test whether the user name and password that you have entered are valid, choose Test Login.

    Note that if the database is not in the ONLINE operational state, this test fails for database users (but not for the database system administrator or DBM operators), even if the user name and the password are valid.

Selecting a Database Connection

To open some of the views and editors in Database Studio, you have to select a database connection (database name, user name, user password) first.