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The main purpose of the Switch Framework is to simplify an ABAP-based system landscape by adopting one or more industry solutions in a standard system. The Switch Framework allows you to externally control the visibility of repository objects or their components by means of switches.

By using the Switch Framework, all industry solutions and a restricted list of repository objects are delivered in an inactive state in the system. With minor exceptions, you no longer need to install an industry solution - you can activate it as required.


The Switch Framework is integrated in the ABAP Workbench and works closely together with the Enhancement Framework . The Switch Framework controls which enhancement implementations are to be performed.


The Switch Framework enables you to:

  • Switch on industry solutions and Enterprise Add-Ons
  • Enhance delivered partner and customer systems

    The multi-client capabilities of the Switch Framework are for SAP-internal use only and are not to be released to customers.

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