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In order to create more file types for your documents in addition to those MIME types delivered by SAP (seeValid File Types), you can use this function to enter the desired supplements into a table.

  1. The BW Document Administration screen is displayed. Choose Edit Valid File Types. The View "File Name Enhancement for MIME Content Type (Customer Table)" screen appears.
  2. If you are in the display mode, choose Display  → Change.
  3. Choose New Entries. The New Entries: Overview Added Entries screen appears. The system has set the table as being ready for entries.
  4. Enter one or more MIME types and the respective file name enhancement. In doing so, be aware of MIME-standard compliance.
    For example, if you want to add HTML in the table as the standard type for Web sites, enter the type of file (content type) in the form basic type/subtype:
    . The file name enhancement has a standard naming: or .

    The standard was established by the HTML work group for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and was determined in the Request for Comments (RFC) 2854 The 'text/html' Media Type (June 2000).

  5. Save your entries. You arrive at the Workbench Request Query dialog box.
  6. Choose a suitable request, and confirm the request.

The MIME types that you entered in the table are also available for selection for the SAP-delivered MIME types when creating a new document for the General tab page. For more information, seeCreating Documents.