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Including a Workflow as a Process in a Process ChainLocate this document in the navigation structure


In the system, in which the workflow is executed, you have carried out automatic workflow customizing (transaction SWU3).

The system in which the workflow is to be executed has Basis release 4.0B or higher and BW Service API 3.0B as a minimum.

If you want to end the workflow with a more complicated status (with multi-value end options), the system in which the workflow is executed must have a release level from SAP NetWeaver 7.0.

Requests Sent to the Workflow to Be Executed

A model workflow has been delivered to display requests sent to the workflow. The workflow model is : WS43200002 (ropc_verify2).

The most important task that the workflow must contain is dispatching the end notification to the process chain. This task was also delivered as standard task TS43200003. Note how the container element "&CALLINGCHAIN&" (business object "ROPE_WF") is bound to the work item ID.

In the delivered example, another user decision was inserted to represent the Miscellaneous Tasks of the workflow.


You are in the plan view of the process chain, in which you want to include an workflow as a process.

The workflow process type is available in the General Services process category.

  1. Insert the process into the process chain with Drag&Drop.
  2. In the next dialog box, select a process variant and confirm your entry.

    To create a new process variant, choose Create.

    In the resulting dialog boxes, enter the technical name and a description of the process variant and choose Next.

The maintenance of process variants for a workflow appears.

Choose the destination in which the workflow is to be executed.


In the destination into the remote system, use the usual background user, so that the assigned profile S_BI_WX_RFC has the authorizations necessary for executing and monitoring a workflow. Note: However, this destination is also used for dialog logons, for example, for workflow monitoring.

If you do not specify the destination, the specified workflow is executed in the system directly.

Choose the workflow to be executed (also called model workflow, or multi-step task).

You can also create and change a workflow with the Changefunction.

If required, choose a destination in the remote system with which the workflow can call the process chain back.

If required, specify the end option which is to be transferred to the process chain. The relevant event is triggered, based on the options entered here.

If you do not specify an option, the process ends successfully without an option.

For more information about setting end-options for a process, seeMaintenance of Process Types.

Save your entries and go back.

In the resulting dialog box, confirm the insertion of the process variant into your process chain.


You have inserted a workflow as a process into a process chain. After including any additional process variants into your chain, check the chain and then activate it.