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You can analyze performance data of your database system using the Performance Warehouse. To access the Performance Warehouse, call the DBA Cockpit and choose Performance → Performance Warehouse.

The following content areas are available in the Performance Warehouse:

  • Reporting

    By default, the Reporting content area is displayed.

  • Configuration

    If you are using the SAP GUI-based user interface, the application starts in a separate Web browser.


The Performance Warehouse is part of the DBA Cockpit.


An SAP Solution Manager system with Solution Manager Diagnostics (SMD) enabled is required.


In the Performance Warehouse, all relevant performance indicators that are collected by the DBA Cockpit are stored in an SAPBusiness Intelligence (BI) system. This SAP BI system is used by the Solution Manager Diagnostics (SMD) back-end of an SAPSolution Manager system. SMDalready uses this SAP BI to store workload data of SAP applications. To configure the extraction of data into the SMD BI, you use the SMDSetup Wizard.

Based on this architecture, the DBA Cockpit uses SAP BI technology to provide reports for performance analysis, which you can customize according to your needs. All collected data has a time dimension, so you can analyze the database performance for any point in time or over a specified time frame.

Almost all reports are displayed as a chart to visualize the key performance indicators (KPIs). In addition, there is also a detailed table view. To navigate within these reports, you can use the SAP BI drilldown feature. Violations to performance thresholds are highlighted based on predefined SAP BI exceptions to make you immediately aware of performance issues.

By default, the Performance Warehouse is delivered with predefined content that you can use to create your own reports according to your needs.

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