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If you want to load data into BW from the source system periodically and change the contents of the selection field each time you load, you can define the selections to be variable. You can implement a variable change of selections with each load by using ABAP routines or (OLAP) variables. The variable selections are not replaced by concrete values until a data request is made.

You select the variable type in the column Type (Variable Change of Selections for Background Processing).


Selections using an ABAP routine (variable type 6)

You can create an ABAP program that restricts the requested data of an InfoObject or field. To do this, select type 6 and confirm your selection. A screen appears on which you enter a name for the ABAP routine. After entering the name, the editor appears and can enter your own coding. The ABAP routine has access to all selection fields and is the last to be processed at runtime.


You must explicitly make the following definitions for single value selections and intervals in the routine: For the field l_t_range-option = "EQ" or "BT" and for l_t_range-sign = 'I'. Note that there is no check whether the field contents are meaningful.

Selections using a variable (variable type 7)

(OLAP) variables are used as placeholders for values of InfoObjects. They are replaced with concrete values during a data request. To use aVariable for restricting the selection, select type 7 and confirm your selection. A screen appears on which you can select the variables.


The system does not check for data type and length when selecting variables. If errors occur, they are not found until the runtime of the data request. However, you can display the selections for a particular variable by choosing Check. The system displays the restrictions that would apply when data is requested in a table. If the variable cannot be used to define the selection conditions, the system raises an error and terminates the action.

The way that selections are filled at runtime depends on theprocessing type for the variable. For time selections, you cannot use any variables that use a replacement path or require manual input.