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Content usage mode: remote role assignment, remote delta link

Applies to: producers, consumers


If your portal is running SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment without usage type EP Core - Application Portal (EPC), ignore this section and read instead Managing FPN and WSRP Connections .

To facilitate the sharing of portal content (roles, worksets, pages, and iViews) between two or more portals that reside in a federated portal network (FPN), you need to create an FPN connection .

An FPN connection pairs one portal to another. The portals in an FPN connection can share content in one direction or both - the portal giving its content to the other portal is called the producer and the portal receiving content from the other portal is called the consumer . Since you can share content between two portals in both directions, each portal in an FPN connection can be a producer and a consumer, at the same time.


FPN connections support only the remote role assignment and remote delta link usage modes. For more information about WSRP application sharing usage, see Managing WSRP Connections .