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As a part of the enhancement concept, it is possible to enhance ABAP source code without changing the actual code, simply by adding enhancements.

Source Code Plug-in Technology

Although source code plug-ins are displayed in the same source code as the respective enhancement options, the plug-ins are stored in other include programs managed by the Enhancement Builder:

Types of Source Code Enhancements

The enhancement options in ABAP source code can be explicit and implicit:

A source code plug-in defined between ENHANCEMENT - ENDENHANCEMENT can be enhanced by additional source code plug-ins. This means that the ENHANCEMENT - POINT and ENHANCEMENT-SECTION statements can be listed in a source code plug-in. In addition, implicit enhancement options are now available before the first and after the last line of a source text plug-in (after ENHANCEMENT and before ENDENHANCEMENT ).

Source Code Enhancements versus Modifications

Advantages of source code enhancements:

  • No modifications
  • No object key is needed
  • They can be switched on and off by means of the Switch Framework
  • Less upgrade effort is required.

Disadvantages of source code enhancements:

  • They exist only at special source code lines (implicit, explicit).

More information about the usage of source code enhancements: