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Use the functional unit configuration tool to perform the initial setup of Java functional units.


Do not use the automation tools after:

  • Upgrade

  • Update

  • System copy

If you need to change configuration of already enabled functional units, carry out the configuration steps manually.


The functional unit configuration tool makes the technical settings (technical configuration) for Java functional units in an automated way. While selecting a functional unit for configuration, the tool accounts for dependencies between functional units and selects the additionally required functional units automatically. The tool allows you to enter the data required for all selected configuration tasks centrally and only once. The system distributes this data automatically in the SAP NetWeaver system.

Additional Tool Features

Different Functional Unit Views

  • Show installed Functional Units only

    This view is displayed when you first enter the Functional Units screen. It lists the functional units for which implementing software components are currently installed.

  • Show all Functional Units

    This view lists all functional units available for your SAP NetWeaver system.

Configuration Tasks

The Configuration Task column indicates if an automated configuration task is available for a functional unit.

Status Messages

Status Message



Configuration task is currently executed.


Configuration task was finished and the functional unit is ready to use.


Configuration task is not executed.

Execution of Configuration Tasks

  • Enable Automatically

    This starts an automated configuration process that combines the technical configuration of all functional units selected.

  • Enable Manually

    This marks the selected functional units as enabled, that is, configured and ready to use. Only use Enable Manually if you have already performed the required configuration steps manually.

  • Disable

    This marks the selected functional units as not enabled, that is, not configured, without resetting the configuration. Use Disable before you rerun or resume a configuration task with status Enabled or Running .

Error Message Handling

For detailed information about errors that occurred during the execution of configuration tasks, select the relevant functional unit, and on the General tab page, choose Configuration Log . This log collectively displays information about all selected functional units.

  1. Call the functional unit configuration tool in a browser using the path http://<host>:<httpport>/sld/fun , and log on with the appropriate administrator user.

  2. From the list of installed functional units, select those you want to configure. If the configuration of a functional unit requires additional functional units, the tool selects them automatically. You can select multiple functional units by pressing Ctrl or Shift .

  3. To start the configuration, proceed in one of the following ways:

    • Automated configuration

      1. If at least one automated configuration task is available in your selection of functional units, choose Enable Automatically .

      2. Follow the configuration wizard screens.

        The tool makes the necessary settings and sets the configuration task to enabled after it has finished successfully.

    • Manual configuration

      1. If no automated configuration task is available, perform the required configuration steps manually. For more information about manual configuration of Java functional units, see the configuration documentation in your implementation project in SAP Solution Manager.

      2. Choose Enable Manually .

More Information
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