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You can also register the SAP NetWeaver management agents with an additional monitoring system. This means in principle that data and alerts are no longer sent just to one system, but rather to two systems; the corresponding agent also processes requests from both monitoring systems as a Web service.

Both systems are able to display data or alerts; however, you only have write access to properties or alerts of the nodes in the primary central monitoring system. The system in which you first register a monitored system/host (see Registering SAP NetWeaver Components and Hosts in CEN ) is the primary system. In detail, you cannot execute the following commands in the secondary monitoring system:

  • Change properties of nodes that are supplied with values using an agent, such as threshold values; to display the threshold values, use the corresponding technical view of the alert monitor
  • Complete or reset alerts
  • Have central auto-reactions executed (see Setting Up Central Auto-Reactions ). In the case of central auto-reactions, alerts in the monitored systems create an alert in the assigned central monitoring system. As an alert should always trigger exactly one action for consistency reasons, central auto-reactions are only performed in the primary central monitoring system.

The possibility of defining two monitoring systems has the following advantages:

  • Operating system data for dedicated database servers should be transferred using the host agent to be able to display the data in the associated system using the operating system monitor and in the monitoring architecture. If this system is, in turn, part of a system landscape with a central monitoring system, you should make the following settings when registering the agent:
    • Choose the central monitoring system of the system landscape as the primary monitoring system.
    • Choose the system with which the database server is associated as an additional monitoring system
  • In high availability solutions, you can define an additional monitoring system as a replacement for emergencies or maintenance periods, without having to restart or reregister the relevant SAP NetWeaver management agents for these periods.

Performing Registration with Two CENs

To register a component monitored by an agent with two CENs, perform the usual registration (as described in Registering SAP NetWeaver Components and Hosts in CEN ) first in the primary and then in the secondary CEN.

The sequence when doing this is critical. If a system adopts a component as a central monitoring system, by default it takes the role of the primary CEN. This is the case unless this component is already centrally monitored by another CEN. In this case, the new system takes on the role of the secondary CEN.


To switch the primary and secondary CENs, log on to the previous secondary CEN, and in the topology display, choose Adopt Agent (see Monitoring Agents in the Topology Display ).

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