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Suspending a QueueLocate this document in the navigation structure


You use the Suspend function to suspend one or more queues. This might be necessary in the following cases:

  • The queue server has repeated document processing several times already, for example, because the index server is not available. Suspending the queue can prevent the documents from receiving an error status.

    If the documents already have an error status, you can reset it.

  • You want another queue on the same queue server to process documents with higher priority. You want to grant higher priority to the queue in question.

If a queue is suspended, the queue server continues to collect documents. However, the queue server:

  • Does not send any documents to the preprocessor or the index server
  • Does not trigger optimization

If the queue in question has one of the following statuses, it does not stop immediately: Indexing, Optimizing, Merging, Replicating, Repairing, Rolling Back. The queue server then completes the current activity before suspending the queue. Whilst it is still active, the queue has the status <activity> Suspend in Progress.

If you want the queue server to continue processing the queue, you have to reactivate it using the Activate function.