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The sub-process is a type of activity in the process you model. You can model the following types of sub-processes in the process composer:

  • Referenced sub-process

    A referenced sub-process is an activity in the parent process that represents another independent process. When the process flow reaches the referenced sub-process, the other independent process is called. The parent process and the referenced sub-process communicate through input and output data mappings.

  • Embedded sub-process

    An embedded sub-process is a compound activity that is defined as a flow of other activities. The embedded sub-process is dependent on the parent process and cannot be executed standalone like the referenced sub-process. The embedded sub-process has a local process context, which is not visible for the parent process.


Modeling Referenced Sub-Processes

For more information, see Modeling Referenced Sub-Processes .

Modeling Embedded Sub-Processes

For more information, see Modeling Embedded Sub-Processes .