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Enhancement spots are containers for explicit enhancement options and carry information about the positions at which enhancement options were created.

Assigning Enhancement Options to Enhancement Spots

The enhancement spot element definition and the corresponding enhancement spot element calls make up the definition of an explicit enhancement option. For example, when editing an ABAP program with the ABAP Editor, you can define explicit enhancement options in the form of the ENHANCEMENT-POINTstatement, which also represents the element definition and element call.

Each enhancement spot element definition must be assigned to at least one enhancement spot.


Implicit enhancement options do not need to be assigned to enhancement spots.

Simple and Composite Enhancement Spots

Simple and composite enhancement spots are repository objects that form a tree-like structure, where the leaves and branches represent simple and composite enhancement spots respectively. A simple enhancement spot is always assigned to exactly one enhancement technology (ABAP source code enhancement or BAdI).

Composite enhancement spots are used for the semantic grouping of simple enhancement spots. A composite enhancement spot contains either one or more simple enhancement spots and/or one or more composite enhancement spots of the relevant type. You can use composite enhancement spots to combine simple enhancement spots into meaningful units:


Enhancement spots are processed with the Enhancement Builder which is integrated in the ABAP Workbench. The hierarchical display of the enhancement spots in a system shows to the developer the existing enhancement possibilities (that is, enhancement options).