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You define pool user texts for the subject and description of a pool. Pool user texts are visible in the process instance details at runtime. You define pool user texts using the Properties view of the pool in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio . You can parameterize user texts to provide them with dynamic content. You use variables to parameterize user texts.

  • You have opened the Process Development perspective in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and have expanded your project in Project Explorer view.

  • You have created a process. For more information, see Creating a Process .

  1. Expand Process Modeling , then expand Processes .

  2. In the context menu of a process, choose Open .

    The process opens.

  3. Select a pool in the process and open the Properties view.


    If you want to define user texts for the default pool in the process, click the modeling surface and open the Properties view.

  4. Choose the Add pushbutton under Variables on the User Texts tab page.

    The system automatically fills in values in the Name and Type fields of the Variables table, which you can edit. You create an expression in the expression editor.

  5. Select the value in the Name field to rename the variable.


    You can only use the letters A-Z, the numerals 0-9 and an underscore (_) in the variable name.

  6. Select a type of the variable from the Type dropdown menu if you want to change the type that was completed by the system.

    You must set a type before you create an expression.

  7. Choose the Edit... pushbutton to create an expression in the expression editor. Choose the OK pushbutton.

    For more information about creating expressions, see Creating Expressions .


    The return value of the expression you create must match the type you select in the Type field of the Variables table.

  8. Specify a subject of the pool in the Subject field and a description in the Description field under Parameterized Texts .

    Use braces ({}) to reference the variables you defined under Variables . You reference a variable by putting the variable's name between the braces.


If you use context nodes in your expression from different namespaces with equal names, you have to declare the namespaces of these nodes. To solve the name conflict you can define a name prefix for the namespace. This declaration has the following syntax: xmlns:<prefix_name>="namespace_name" .