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In addition to data transfer, agents also make entirely new monitoring functions possible within the monitoring architecture. To activate these advanced functions, you must usually create a corresponding configuration file and either reference this file in the configuration file SAPCCMSR.INI or copy them to the relevant standard directories that the agent monitors.

Changes in SAPCCMSR.INI only take effect once you restart the SAP NetWeaver management agent . Changes in the standard directories of the agent (logmon, procmon, grmg), on the other hand, are immediately detected and a corresponding monitoring function is started.

  • Central Monitoring of Log Files

    One of the functions of SAP NetWeaver management agents is monitoring log files. You can use this log file agent, which is integrated into all agents, to monitor log files for particular search patterns, the last change time, or for their existence. This means that you can search any text files for any text patterns, assign alerts to them, and display the results in the Alert Monitor.

  • Central Monitoring of Operating System Data

    You can use a filter to explicitly remove subtrees or entire components from the operating system monitoring display. No monitoring nodes are then generated for these. As an alternative to filtering out file systems, you can activate an exclusive monitoring with which only the file systems that you explicitly specify are monitored. All other file systems are not then monitored.

  • Central monitoring of the Microsoft Windows event log

    On Microsoft Windows platforms, you can centrally monitor the Microsoft Windows event log.

  • Alert logging for SAP NetWeaver management agents

    You can define another log file for SAP NetWeaver management agents that logs all alerts that the agent reports. This is especially useful if you do not use the CCMS Monitoring Architecture to display alerts (the CCMS Monitoring Architecture has its own logging), but want to use other system management tools that are to be based on the data from the CCMS agents.

  • Registering with Two Central Monitoring Systems

    You can also register the SAP NetWeaver management agents with an additional monitoring system. This means in principle that data and alerts are no longer sent just to one system, but rather to two systems; the corresponding agent also processes requests from both monitoring systems as a Web service.

  • Including Additional Functions in SAP NetWeaver Management Agents

    All SAP NetWeaver management agents can load shared libraries that use additional data suppliers to provide additional information to the central monitoring system. An example of this is an extension for monitoring the Internet Transaction Server (ITS) and cached disk subsystems, such as EMC Disc Arrays (Symmetrix). For more information, see SAP Note 420213.

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