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Process chains can be scheduled as processes in additional process chains. These are called metachains. If the process chain you want to execute is in another remote system, use process type Process Chain Remote, referred to in this document as the remote process chain. A remote process chain is a local process in the calling system that calls a process chain in this system, using a destination in a remote system, that is to be executed there. The remote process chain thus communicates with the remote system and synchronously starts the executed process chain. One the process chain is terminated in the remote system, this is reported back to the metachain in the calling system.


Before you can run a process chain in a remote system, you have to perform the following steps:

  • In the remote system, define the process chain that you want to run there.
  • Maintain a destination to the remote system.

    This destination is used for both background activities (starting the remote process chain for example) and for activities in the dialog (calling process monitors in the remote system for example). You therefore need to make sure that a dialog user Is entered as the user in this destination.

  • Maintain a destination in the remote system pointing back to the calling system.

    This destination is used by the executing chain to report the completion status. There is no need for a dialog user here.


Using a remote process chain as a process in a metachain, you can schedule a process chain from another system in a process chain in the calling system.


In addition to remote process chains, you can also schedule local process chains as processes in a meta chain. A local process chain consists of processes that are scheduled in the same system as the metachain. It is scheduled as a process in the same system as the metachain.