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SAP Logon/Assertion Ticket

If you use the SAP Logon/Assertion Ticket procedure, a logon ticket is created after the service logon (user name and password).

This logon tickets is, if necessary, sent on to further system components, for example, if the service access system services that are not located in the component in which the initial logon took place.

Instead of asking for user name and password, these systems check the validity of the logon ticket to provide the user with access to system services.


When using this logon procedure, the more restrictive SAP Assertion Ticket is also accepted for logging on to other system components.

SAP Assertion Ticket

The SAP Assertion Ticket logon procedure is a special version of the logon ticket ( SAP Logon Ticket).

In contrast to the logon ticket, the SAP Assertion Ticket is only valid for a limited period of time. In addition, an explicit system and client identifier of the target system must be specified for the SAP Assertion Ticket.

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