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Performance Tips for Loading Flat Files:Locate this document in the navigation structure


To ensure good performance when loading flat files, we recommend that you note the following:

  • Load the data from a file on the application server if possible (and not on the client workstation) as this reduces network load. You can also load data in the background in this way.

  • If possible, use a fixed data record length (ASCII file) when loading from a file. A CSV file is only converted to a fixed data record length during the loading process.

  • Select a data package size between 50,000 and 150,000 data records.

  • if you are loading large quantities of data from a file, it is recommended that you split the file into several parts. We recommend that you create the same number of files (equally-sized) as the number of CPUs. The files can then be simultaneously loaded with mutliple requests into the BW system.