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Enhancement Implementation Elements

An enhancement implementation element contains the actual enhancement - for example, a source code plug-in contains the source code to be added. However, an enhancement implementation element contains no information about at which positions of a repository object the enhancement options were created.

You implement an enhancement option by assigning an enhancement implementation element to it. Assigning an enhancement implantation to an enhancement point or section defines an enhancement implementation element. If you implement a BAdI, first an enhancement implementation (a container) must be assigned to the spot that contains the BAdI, then a BAdI implementation can be created within the container that is assigned to the spot that contains the BAdI definition.


You can assign source code plug-ins, defined between ENHANCEMENT and ENDENHANCEMENT in an ABAP program, to an enhancement option defined using ENHANCEMENT-POINT.

Enhancement Implementations

Simple enhancement implementations are repository objects that serve as containers for enhancement implementation elements. A simple enhancement implementation can contain one or more enhancement implementation elements which are assigned to the enhancement spot element definitions of an enhancement spot.

Composite enhancement implementations are used for the semantic grouping of simple enhancement implementations. A composite enhancement implementation contains either one or more simple enhancement implementations and/or one or more composite enhancement implementations of the relevant type.

Structure of Containers for Enhancement Implementation Elements

Enhancement implementations are processed with the Enhancement Builder , which is integrated in the ABAP Workbench. The hierarchical display of the enhancement implementations in the tool shows the enhancements made in a system.

The position of a Switch Framework switch assigned to the package of an enhancement implementation specifies whether or not an enhancement is taken into account in a system.