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 Cases When ABAP Source Code Needs AdjustmentLocate this document in the navigation structure

ABAP source code can be enhanced with ABAP source code enhancements for implicit and explicit enhancement options. The following changes to ABAP source code makes the piece of code eligible for adjustment:

  • An object (class, function group, program) with enhancement options was deleted.
  • A procedure (method, function module, subroutine) with enhancement options was deleted.
  • The definition of an enhancement option with ENHANCEMENT-POINT or ENHANCEMENT-SECTION was deleted.
  • The coding of an explicit enhancement option defined between ENHANCEMENT-SECTION and END-ENHANCEMENT-SECTION has changed.
  • In a processing block that contains an enhancement option, the coding before the enhancement option has changed.
  • A function module with enhancement options has been moved to another function group.
  • A processing block with enhancement options was moved within its program to another include program.
  • A conflict has occurred between source code plug-ins for enhancements defined with ENHANCEMENT-SECTION .
  • An program-bound enhancement option (referring to the main program) has turned into an include-bound enhancement point (referring to an include with multiple usages), or vice versa.
  • A static enhancement option has become a dynamic enhancement option, or vice versa.

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