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You use the TREX alert server to monitor system behavior and the configuration of TREX.

The TREX alert server regularly checks central TREX functions and can notify you by e-mail of the system status in the event of an error or incorrect configuration.


The TREX alert server is part of the TREX admin tool (stand-alone). It can also be displayed in the TREX admin tool in the SAP system using transaction TREXADMIN.

The TREX alert server is entered in the configuration file TREXDaemon.ini. You can find it under the parameter [programs]:

programs = <other_programs>, alertserver

When you start TREX, the TREX alert server is thus automatically executed.

In the TREX admin tool, you can check in the Landscape: Serviceswindow whether the TREX alert server is active.


Checks and Check Intervals

The TREX alert server executes a sequence of checks during each check run, depending on the configuration. These include the following checks, for example:

  • Are the different TREX servers available?
  • Are there indexes or queues that are not assigned to an index server or a queue server?
  • Do the queues contain documents that could not be indexed?
  • Do the TREX trace files contain new entries?

You can configure the intervals at which a check run is performed.

Notifications by e-mail

In the event of critical system statuses, the TREX alert server send e-mails. In the configuration, you enter the recipients to be notified here.

E-Mail Formats

The TREX alert server sends e-mails in two formats. Depending on the configuration of the e-mail program, e-mails are displayed in HTML or text format.

  • HTML format (visually-readable)

    These e-mails are for system administrators.

  • Text format (both visually-readable and machine-readable)

    The text format can be analyzed by a machine. For example, you can have the e-mails analyzed by an analysis tool that triggers appropriate action depending on the content of the e-mail.


In the default setting, the TREX alert server is activated and is started automatically with TREX. In a distributed system landscape, the TREX alert server is executed on each host system automatically.

You must perform the initial e-mail configuration and activate the required check sets (seeConfiguration of the TREX Alert Server).

To call up the check results for the TREX alert server, start the TREX admin tool (stand-alone) and navigate to the Landscape: Alert window (seeInformation Displayed).