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Automatic Selection and Optimization of AggregatesLocate this document in the navigation structure


Data for the BW statistics InfoCube and the created queries can be used as part of the automatic selection and optimizing of aggregates.

In this, the system makes an assessment based on the definition of particularly suitable aggregates. Aggregates that appear to be suitable are proposed automatically. You can optimize the proposed aggregates and use them for further working with the InfoCube.


An active version of the InfoCube is available.

Before you can use the query statistics, queries have to exist for the InfoCube.

These must be collected before BW statistical data can be analyzed. In order to collect statistical data, the corresponding function has to be activated for the InfoCube (DW Workbench → Tools → BW Statistics for InfoCubes) and queries must have already been executed.


You can choose Proposals in the menu if you want the system to propose aggregates. You have the following options:

  • Proposals from queries: The system considers the queries that are created for an InfoCube.
  • Proposals from the previous navigation: The system evaluates the last navigational step that you carried out with a query.
  • Proposals from BW Statistics (tables): BW statistical data is taken into account (database tables).
  • Proposals from BW Statistics (InfoCube): Data which is contained in the BW Statistics InfoCube, is taken into account.

    You can also postprocess the aggregates and add or delete characteristics.

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