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The Wizard provides you with support when you are analyzing an incorrect data request. You activate the Wizard with the question mark in the standard toolbar of the Monitor detail screen.

The processing steps are displayed with status symbols in the dialog box for the Wizard. You can call up the meaning of the status icons by positioning the cursor on a processing step and selecting Help.

If you select Analyze, you arrive in a dialog window which gives you further information on the error situation. Here you can call up Details and, using the left pushbutton, branch to additional analysis steps as far as the latest error message and, if necessary, to the corresponding maintenance and overview dialogs.

If a short dump occurs in BW, you branch to the short dump overview for BW.

If the master data is blocked, you get to the master data maintenance in BW.

You can also schedule the Wizard in the background for the analysis of data requests. If you schedule the Wizard periodically, all of the requests that have not yet been assessed are analyzed regularly. In the event of an error, it automatically notifies one or more people responsible by e-mail. You can jump directly from the e-mail to the detail screen of the monitor enabling you to execute an error analysis in the dialog using the Wizard.

You carry out the scheduling for the monitor Wizard and the maintenance of message recipients in BW Customizing Implementation Guide under Business Information Warehouse → Automated Processes → Monitor Settings. You can also define message recipients in the monitor initial screen or detail screen using Settings → Maintain Error Notification.

You can determine whether the Wizard is started automatically every time the monitor detail screen is called up by using Settings → Wizard Default Setting.